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”Yo no hago la tarea porque…

...mi religiòn me lo prohibe!! Fan Pop Com 
4.When the teacher calls roll, after each name scream "THAT'S MEEEEE!!! Oh, no, sorry." 

5.Sing your questions to the class. 

9.Superglue a coin to the ground and watch people try to pick it up. 

10.Tell your teacher that you don't do homework because it's against your religion. 

17.When you have a 2000 word essay due, hand in two pictures related to the topic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

19.Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, ask where babies come from in a childish voice. 

20.Write out plan on how to conquer the world. 

23.Point out the window and say “LOOK EVERYBODY SPIDERMAN” once every one looks say “oh too late he’s gone now” 

Aprende idiomas leyendo periodicos y revistas * When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context * Learn languages by reading newspapers and maga…