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Dyslexia * Resources

The Dyslexic Reader

The Dyslexic Reader is now available on-line...download archived issues for FREE at www.thedyslexicreader.com. Read inspiring stories of people who have overcome Dyslexia and found their true talents...and find useful tips and articles!

Computer AidesTechnology has made things a bit easier for people with dyslexia. Here are few that you might want to look into: ReadTheWords.com is a FREE website that offers text to voice services. Copy/Paste text...it will read itUpload text files (Word, PDF, etc.)...it will read itType in a website address...it will read it!The Reading Pen by Wizcom is a great tool for dyslexics who need assistance with certain words. Using the pen like a hi-lighter, scan the unknown word. The pen will (most times) display the word, pronounce the word, and provide (and read) the definition of the word if still unknown. Further, if words within the definition are unknown, select that unknown word to get the pronunciation and definition. This pen is a gr…

Easy to say words for latin students

Easy to say words * For latin students¿Sabía UD que en el idioma inglés hay ciertas palabras que se pronuncian casi como en español?  ESTAS SON ALGUNAS. Practícalas con tu familia, repitan juntos. Aztec sing song dancer acrobat accident doctor dentist clinic actor actress activity french spanish ranch pharmacy basket market bed bad toilet shower show smart chat glass class lesson far star planet asteroid bank park cash credit card best text test exam open boiler bring drink sell clerk wet west north expert bell tell smell HOMEWORK (Puedes decirle a un hermano mayor o a alguien de confianza que te ayude) Forma expresiones cortas y simples utilizando algunas de estas palabras. Imprime este contenido y tus frases para presentarlo a tu profesor como tarea por tu iniciativa. Fomenta las buenas relaciones con quienes te educan y ayudan a superarte. 1 - Karla washes the kitchen.* Karla lava la cocina 
2 - Frida sings french songs.* Frida canta canciones francesas 
3 - The tank was empty.* El tanq…