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Dyslexia * Resources

The Dyslexic Reader

The Dyslexic Reader

The Dyslexic Reader is now available archived issues for FREE at Read inspiring stories of people who have overcome Dyslexia and found their true talents...and find useful tips and articles!

Computer Aides

Technology has made things a bit easier for people with dyslexia. Here are few that you might want to look into: is a FREE website that offers text to voice services.
  • Copy/Paste will read it
  • Upload text files (Word, PDF, etc.) will read it
  • Type in a website will read it!

The Reading Pen by Wizcom is a great tool for dyslexics who need assistance with certain words. Using the pen like a hi-lighter, scan the unknown word. The pen will (most times) display the word, pronounce the word, and provide (and read) the definition of the word if still unknown. Further, if words within the definition are unknown, select that unknown word to get the pronunciation and definition.
This pen is a great tool to supplement the Davis® reading exercises when a support person is not available. 

Dyslexia and Computers
Having dyslexia can make writing and reading text very difficult but there are many ways that a computer can help you overcome these difficulties. Our free FactSheet provides information about various ways that you can adapt a computer to help you, some of which are built into standard computers.
Contents include:
  • Creating Text
  • Keyboard Use
  • Word Prediction
  • Voice Recognition
  • Auto Text
  • Checking Text
  • Voice recognition with integrated speech output
  • Reading Text
  • Scanning with optical character recognition (OCR)
This factsheet is part of AbilityNet’s free Advice and Information service. 

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