martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

¿Qué es lo que realmente te apasiona?

What turns you on? What makes you tingle? Where is your passion?
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I’m one lucky dude. Recently, I have been spending my “work” time on stuff that I love to do – that I am passionate about. These activities include writing and interviewing rockstars for my book, advising startups for equity and providing big-change consulting services to small and medium sized companies. My compensation for these ranges from zero to plenty. The most interesting (an 11 on a scale of 1-10) of these projects, frankly, is the one that actually costs me money to do. I love the companies I advise and the clients that I have and I’m able to provide tons of value in short periods of time and I rate these projects as “10 on a scale of 1-10, but, interviewing super smart people to learn about what makes them tick really gets me fired up. It’s a gift to be able to spend time with these people, learn about them, ask questions that make them really think about what drives the way that they spend their time and the events that lead to them getting there. In some cases, they may not have thought about these questions previously and they allow me to share this information with others through my posts. It’s a process that is really satisfying. It actually costs me money (flights, editing, etc) but it’s worth it to have and share the experiences.
Consulting activities allow me to make a huge impact within a company in a short amount of time. Working with super smart and passionate people, I am able to apply some of my experience to drive real positive change, usually driving top line revenue very quickly. I get a thrill out of this. The advisory roles that I’m involved with also provide huge satisfaction, as I’m able to work with super smart, passionate people to help them with strategy and shape their vision which is based on my experience building startups and working within larger companies. These projects deliver great upside potential and lots of excitement.
Is there something that you are doing that provides you with tremendous satisfaction? Is there something you would prefer to do but can’t justify the time, expense or the necessary income of working on that project? Perhaps others can help you think through a way to manage the non-paying with the paying; I’m certainly happy to help you think through that. It doesn’t have to be anything career changing – it could just be a new project within your existing company or a small side project to get you started – something that gives you the chills on occasion. Maybe it’s volunteering at your local school or the local elderly center. Perhaps it’s applying your skills to advise a local startup. I’m seeing too many people walking around looking defeated, bored, annoyed, unfulfilled or completely stressed. I’m not being all rah-rah Tony Robbins style here, I know that life can be tough. I’m just suggesting that you find something, paid or not, that you are passionate about or at least that provides you with an occasional thrill – something that turns you on and gives you the chills – makes you feel like a kid again.
What I have learned over the last several months is that it’s 50 times more fun spending time on exciting stuff than things that are not. I also believe that the money will follow passion, if money is an incentive for you (as it is for me). I should note that prior to engaging my 2010 projects I was running a software company, which I founded, for 7 years. That’s exactly how I wanted to be spending my “work” time during those years. When the balance between fun, excitement, upside, risk, boredom and hassle changed; I needed a change. You spend a ton of time working – you have to find some fun in there. Linchpin talks about this and I highly recommend it. I’m not being quite as firm as the ideas pitched by Seth – I’m simply saying find something that gets you fired up. What I have learned from Gates, Sacca, Harrison, Gupta, Simmons, Hsieh, Mycoskie and others is that they are absolutely passionate about what they do and this passion is one of, perhaps the most important, ingredient to their success.

Take small steps – what can you do, this week, to feel like a kid again? Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Aprende idiomas leyendo periodicos y revistas * When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context * Learn langu...