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¿Sabia UD...? * The Human Body

Some Weird Human Body Facts
Now this time I am here with some mind blowing weird facts about human body. Most of the facts are simply awesome and I am pretty sure you will enjoy reading these. So why wait, read the facts here:
  • When you use the phrase “I know it like the back of my hands”, do you really mean it? Well, here’s a thing you might not be knowing! Did you know your hand can have its own mind? Yes its possible, they are called “Alien Hand Syndrome”. And yeah its like the hand in the movie “Idle Hands“. This is caused by damage to the medial motor frontal region of the brain.
  • Do you know what does your stomach do to stop digest your own stomach? Well, it creates a new stomach lining every three to four days.
  • I guess you might already know that your nose is not as good as dogs’ in remembering and sensing scents. But did you know your nose can sense around 50,000 different scents and your brain can remember them?
  • Did you know an average human heart has to pump around 2000 gallons of blood everyday? Also did you know if you measure the total length of all the blood vessels in human body, it would cover upto 60,000 miles?
  • Did you know the life span of a hair is around 6 years? It grows about 6 millimeters every month for upto 6 years then another hair starts to grow at the same place.
  • Humans blink almost 20 times in every minute and each blink lasts for half a second. Now do you know how much time we live in the darkness per day just because of blinking? Well, its more than an hour.
So what do you think of all these human body facts? Did you like them? Critics or praises, no matter of what please comment below.

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Aprende idiomas leyendo periodicos y revistas * When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context * Learn langu...