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Note: all News from January 2011 onwards will now be published WEEKLY on Tuesdays here.

Monthly News Digest Online for ESL Learners

Monthly News Digest Online for ESL LearnersA "news digest" is a summary of news stories. Each month EnglishClub creates a digest in easy English with four short audio news reports from the past 30 days. With this resource you can practise your listening, reading, writing and even speaking.
  1. Preview the vocabulary and read the cloze passage.
  2. Play the news report (double click green arrow) and try to fill in the blanks.
  3. Answer the comprehension questions by writing full sentences.
  4. Use the discussion question to write an essay or discuss the story with other students.
  5. Pretend to be a news anchor by reading each story out loud.
Study one story a week and watch your English skills grow each month!
Go to the bottom of the page to view the full text of each story and check the answers.

Guide for Teachers: how to use Monthly News Digest in your classroom!

Year in Review: 2006 News / Quiz - 2007 News / Quiz - 2008 News / Quiz - 2009 News / Quiz

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