miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

What's your schedule like?

Practise this dialogue with a classmate, friend, neighbour or a relative.

- Hi, manolo. How are you today?
- Fine, thank you. And you?
- Are you an active person?
- Yes, sure I am. Why?
- I want to ask you, what's your schedule like?
- On Mondays, I go to the public library downtown after school to do the homework.
- On Tuesdays, I go to the swimming pool with my cousins.
- On Wednesdays, I go to the house of Mademoiselle LeBlanc for my piano lessons.
-On Thursdays, I practise karate with a chinese instructor.
- And on Fridays, I write a weekly report for ''Bilingual Journalists'', it's my favorite project.
- Oh. I didn't know you're taking piano lessons.
- Yes. My instructor is from Paris. She shows me photos from Paris; it's a wonderful city!
- Does she speak English? Is she pretty?
- Yes. She has a strong french accent. And is very pretty. She has wonderful eyes.
- And what about your chinese instructor?
- He's very friendly. He once work in a movie with Jackie Chan, the famous star.

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