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Child prodigies / 10 best

List of music prodigies
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This is a list of music prodigies, young children (at or under age 12) who displayed a talent in music deemed to make them competitive with skilled adult musicians. The list is sorted by genre and instrument.

01 - Franz Liszt
Piano / Performed first major concert at age eleven
02 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano, violin / One of the most prolific composers of the Classical Era
03 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / His first compositions were Andante (K. 1a) and Allegro (K. 1b) [6
04 - Consuelo Velázquez Began playing at age four; performed piano concerto at age six; wrote Bésame Mucho at age sixteen
05 - Stevie Wonder: Skilled at multiple instruments early; signed to Motown at age eleven; first U.S. number-one hit at age thirteen.
06 - Leonardo da Vince / Visual arts

Chess prodigy
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Eleven-year-old Sammy Reshevsky, New York 1922
Chess prodigies are children who play chess so well that they are able to beat Masters and even Grandmasters, often at a very young age. Chess is one of the few sports where children can compete with adults on equal ground; it is thus one of the few skills in which true child prodigies exist. Expectations can be high for chess prodigies; while some become World Champions, others fail to make progress in adulthood.

[edit] Early chess prodigies
Early chess prodigies were Paul Morphy (1837–1884) and José Raúl Capablanca (1888–1942), both of whom won matches against strong adult opponents at the age of 12; and Samuel Reshevsky (1911–1992), who was giving simultaneous exhibitions at the age of six.[1] Morphy went on to be unofficial World Champion (before the official title existed), Capablanca became World Champion, and Reshevsky—while never attaining the title—was in the top few players in the world for many years.

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