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Age expressions / Conversation Club

01 - What is your age? / How old are you? / When were you born?
02 - How old is your mother? ...your father? ... your grandpa?
03 - How old is your favorite celebrity? ...sports star?
04 - What was your age when you spoke for the first time?
05 - How old were you when you learn to ride on a bicycle?
06 - How old were your parents when they got married?
07 - How old was the grandfather of your grandfather when he met
08 - ... the grandmother of your grandmother?
09 - ... Francisco Villa? ... Emiliano Zapata? ... the President of Mexico?
10 - ... Pedro Infante? ... Maria Felix? ... B. Juarez? ... Maximiliano?
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Orientation * Decimvs

Orientation * Copy for your students

01 - Enseñar la ciencia sin valores solo traerá sinsabores.
02 - El estudiante negligente no puede ser buena gente.
03 - De delincuentes su amistad nunca debes buscar.
04 - Saber escoger amistades para evitar tempestades.
05 - Con delincuentes andar y desgracias no han de tardar.
06 - Por frecuentar delincuentes, desprecio tendrás de las gentes.
07 - Por despreciar a la ciencia, ya estas en la delincuencia.
08 - Apoyar a la delincuencia no es señal de inteligencia.
09 - Los delincuentes buscan justificar que solo saben a otros dañar.
10 - Ser amigo del delincuente, la peor vergüenza de cualquier gente.

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Hi. We are right under maintenance procedure. Testing publisher posting. text and images. See you soon. Bye.

John Lennon / Beatles / UK

10 things you didn't know about The Fab Four
''Ladies and gentlemen...''

'The Beatles'' . . .

Can't Smile Without You / Barry Manilow

List Verse Com Lists

Títulos Globales

Títulos Globales

Son los títulos o temas que aparecen a continuación - Al presionar sobre cada título aprecerá todo el material disponible sobre ese tema, almacenado en esta red de tareas - Proceda a copiarlo y utilizarlo en clase con sus alumnos

01 - ORIENTATION * Presione este enlace para ver el contenido clasificado con este título.

Google * Traducción de Búsquedas * Museum

Google * Traducción de Búsquedas
Resultados traducidos de páginas web en inglés
Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 57,900,000 de museums.
Traducción al español- Texto original en inglés-

Smithsonian InstitutionEducativos nacionales de América con instalación de 19 museos, 9 centros de investigación y más de 140 museos de afiliados en todo el mundo.www.si.edu/ - 63k - En caché
Smithsonian InstitutionAmerica's national educational facility with 19 museums, 9 research centers and over 140 affiliate museums around the world.www.si.edu/ - 63k - Cached
Smithsonian: MuseosLa Institución Smithsonian alberga a 19 museos y 9 centros de investigación.www.si.edu/Museums/ - 33k - En caché
Smithsonian: MuseumsThe Smithsonian Institution is home to 19 museums and 9 research centers.www.si.edu/Museums/ - 33k - Cached
Museo - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreLa Asociación de Museos del Reino Unido definición (aprobada 1998) es:...Museo móvil es un término aplicado a los museos que hacen exposici…

Test CI Internacional

Test CI Internacional

La inteligencia es la capacidad mental de racionalizar, planear, resolver problemas, abstraer y comprender ideas, utilizar los lenguajes y aprender. El CI - coeficiente intelectual - es un índice calculado a partir de la puntuación obtenida en tests que comprenden las capacidades relacionadas con la inteligencia¡Aprovecha para saber tu CI e invita a tus amigos para comparar los resultados!


Community Bsu Edu

New Account,
Community Bsu Edu

Just finding out how it works
Not clear what it is about or what for

About Community Server
What is Community Server?Community Server is a rich knowledge management and collaboration platform designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous collaborative needs. It is used by fortune 100 companies, small start-up businesses, schools, and individuals to better connect, share, and collaborate. Community Server is perfect for setting up a support system for products, reporting, and general information management by organizations or individuals.
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Where can I get a copy of Community Server?
Visit http://www.communityserver.org
to download the latest commercial or non-commercial version.
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What types of licenses are available?
Visit http://www.communityserver.org
for more information on the types of licenses available. Community Server is available in both commercial and non-commercial versions.


How To Create Your Own Community Website

How To Create Your Own Community Website

How To Create Your Own Community Website For FreePosted by AN Jay * May 25, 2009 5,578 Views -->Smashing a PPS ComYou may be interested in our latest article 21 Colorful Artwork Of Character Design To Grab Your AttentionBoonEx Community Software Experts provides free, open-source and downloadable community-building software for websites. BoonEx delivers quality software, which enables you to build any kind of website: COMMUNITY, DATING, or SOCIAL NETWORKING. BoonEx has been working on software development for more than 5 years and endeavors to develop high quality software implementing the latest internet technologies.The BoonEx flagship product is Dolphin Smart Community Builder providing the basic platform for a website. This is written in PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX using a MySQL database, and other modern technologies such as RSS, JQuery etc. Dolphin is predominantly a Community and Social Network oriented software, but, thanks to innovative bui…

Change Makers Com

Change Makers

About Us
Changemakers is a community of action where we all collaborate on solutions. We know we have the power to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. We’re already doing it, one project, one idea at a time. read more >

A Website Redesign for a Passionate Global ...
WASHINGTON, June 3, 2009 - Members of the Changemakers community have no less ambitious a goal than to solve the world's most pressing social problems. Today Changemakers.com introduces a website to meet that challenge. read more >

Stay connected
Welcome to this new version of the Changemakers website. We’d like to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to make a comment, send us an email at connect@changemakers.com. read more >

Nepali Women Rising
Deep in the hills and valleys south of the Himalayas, women are becoming business owners, forming grassroots advocacy campaigns, and organizing movements to promote sustainable agriculture…

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NOTIFICATION TO ALL MEMBERS Decimvs By Mail Blogger Com Jue 4 Junio 2k9 decimvs@gmail.com decimvs.bymai@blogger.com See you soon, Bye.


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Mon Journal Fr
Mr Clean Web
The Twin JournalisT
Tibuno Decimvs


TEST MESSAGE 04JUN2K9 Hi, This is an only testmessage - Especially for Bilingual JournalistS and Cleanweb For Kids, because they are now under ''LIMITED ACCESS STATUS'' - This status is temporarely. See you soon. By. 2k9twins@gmail.com

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Http PhotoBlogs ORG

Http PhotoBlogs ORG
Welcome to Photoblogs.orgPhotoblogs.org is a resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs. If you're not sure what a photoblog is, check out the FAQ. Our database currently holds listings for 35,528 photoblogs.Hot Photoblogs
Sites that have generated the most interest among Photoblogs.org users over the last few days. This list is constantly updated in real time.

Alan Rossiter PhotographyProfile for this Blog
Gary Hart's Eloquent ImagesProfile for this Blog
B&WProfile for this Blog
Nothing to be saidProfile for this Blog
Dans le détails et plus si affinité ...Profile for this Blog
Photographer in JapanProfile for this Blog
North49Profile for this Blog
urbane melancholienProfile for this Blog
street photography by andrei butumanProfile for this Blog
Image Coffee GreyProfile for this Blog
More Hot Photoblogs...

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Http PhotoBlogs ORG + Google search =
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Teacher Tap

Teacher Tap
A tech-help resource for educators, Teacher Tap includes suggestions on ways to use technology to engage students' diverse learning styles. The site also outlines in detail how students of various intelligences learn, including examples of instructional practices to engage different learning styles.

Differentiated Instruction

From conceptualization to implementation, this Canadian Web site offers a how-to guide for presenting a lesson to a group of mixed learners, including tips on classroom arrangement and lighting. Lesson goals help teachers gauge whether lessons cater to every learner. A section on differentiated participation suggests methods for engaging students, while curriculum suggestions serve as models for implementing such lessons.

Teacher Magazine Org

Teacher Magazine Org

As the name suggests, this site is like Wikipedia for teachers, by teachers. Though supported by the Clark County School District in Nevada, anyone can contribute K-8 lesson and unit plans to the site. The lessons are then searchable by key word, grade-level standard, or a specific textbook. Want to see what a guided-reading lesson looks like? Need some advice on how to organize student folders? Check out the demonstration videos, which provide short clips of real teachers demonstrating their instructional, management, and organizational techniques. Administrators may want to consider showing the free videos to staff members for quick and easy professional development.

This site boasts 28,000 free lesson plans for K-12 classrooms and a variety of tips, printable worksheets, and games for all subjects. Users can scroll through pre-made graphic organizers and rubrics to get lesson ideas or create their own using a template. There are various wo…

Qué Es Un Ciberperiodista

Qué Es Un Ciberperiodista -
Presentation Transcript

Las computadoras en el periodismo: 1-Para escribir en ellas 2-Utilizamos word y Excel 3-Correo electrónico 4-Hoy: Internet es una fuente de información

Quién puede ser ciberperiodista? • Aquel que pueda valorar, jerarquizar y ordenar la información que encuentre en la red.

Definiciones de ciberperiodista • El periodista digital no es sólo el que produce información para emitir en formato digital, también es el que trabaja con medios digitales en la confección de su información.

Definiciones ciberperiodista • Es aquel que utiliza los medios cibernéticos para producir noticias y también el que trabaja en un medio digital • Es aquel que “piensa y vive en digital y además lo siente”.

Definiciones ciberperiodista • Es un ‘híbrido’ que va aprendiendo a la vez que ejerce. • Sus rutinas se inventan cada día a medida que la red madura y con ella todos sus usuarios. • Es un guardia urbano que controla y ordena el tráfico de bits en las autopistas d…

Google page / List of sites / Free Photos

Google page / List of sites / Free Photos

Galerías de fotos antiguas gratis Kabytes
26 May 2009 Por Tamara Se trata de una recopilación que ha armado Photojojo en donde enumeran diferentes bancos de imágenes públicos con fotografías originales, tomadas por.Kabytes - http://www.kabytes.com/ - Referencias[ Más resultados de Kabytes ]

50 sitios para encontrar fotos gratuitas
26 Ene 2009 Por Isabel No quedan bien cuando están vacíos, así que es cómodo saber donde podemos conseguir fotografías gratuitas, donde buscar una acorde a la temática de nuestro artículo. Lo mismo para quienes diseñen, que seguro se la pasan buscando fotos ...My Open
Studio - http://myopenstudio.net/ - Referencias

www.PhotoXpress.com - Banco de Imágenes GRATUITAS en Alta ...
23 May 2009 Por Frank www.PhotoXpress.com Completo BANCO DE IMÁGENES en ALTA RESOLUCIÓN, con más de 300 mil fotos e imágenes para Desc…

Specky Boy Com / Typography


Form Fifty-five Com / Typography

Form Fifty-five Com / Typography

Noticias Gratuitas / Plus

Titulares Web Gratis - Noticias Web Gratuitas - Actualidad on Line ...
Titulares Web Gratis - Noticias Web Gratuitas - Actualidad on Line Gratis - Descargas Gratis.www.zonagratuita.com/a-webmasters/titulares_gratis.htm - 34k - En caché - Páginas similares
Noticias Gratuitas de Ciencia y Tecnología
Noticias Gratuitas Para Su Página Web o Blog. Si dispone de una página web o de un blog, sea cual sea su temática, y desea enriquecerlos con contenido sin ...www.amazings.com/ciencia/noticias_gratuitas.html - 6k - En caché - Páginas similares
LND Noticias te ofrece una amplia gama de posibilidades para que tus páginas ofrezcan a sus visitantes toda la información que buscan. ...www.sitiosespana.com/webmasters/lnd.htm - 33k - En caché - Páginas similares
Abasto de Noticias
1 Jun 2009 ... Miles de noticias diarias de la prensa de España organizadas por temas. Buscador gratis de noticias.www.abastodenoticias.com/ - 28k - hace 9 horas - En caché - Páginas simil…

E Periodistas Blogspot

E Periodistas Blogspot

______________15 mayo 2009
Ciberperiodismo en tiempos de Lou Grant

La aventura digital de la prensa comenzó antes que la moderna internet.

Ya en los años ochenta, algunos periodicos norteamericanos comenzaron a experimentar con fórmulas editoriales que combinaban contenidos de prensa con ordenadores. Aquello fue el germen del fenómeno espectacular que hoy vivimos.Vale la pena echar un vistazo a este reportaje de 1981, que nos retrotrae a la prehistoria del ciberperiodismo:

Yellow trees


Clean-Web Webs Com


Clean Web Net

Community Webshots * Bil JournalistS

Teahers Net * Mail Rings


Чураков Александр Борисович
RIA Novosti * Rusia / à moi / afficher les détails / 4 mars

Muy señor mío:
Antes que nada, permítame agradecer su carta y una alta valoración del contenido de nuestra página web.

Nos es grato que Ud. pueda utilizarla con fines didácticos. Respecto a la solicitud de Ud., no hay impedimento alguno para utilizar noticias y fotos acopladas a éstas, mencionando siempre la fuente, es decir, RIA Novosti.

Las fotos podrán ser utilizadas únicamente como ilustración de las noticias.Sin otro particular, le deseo mucha suerte y salud y éxitos profesionales.Atentamente,Alejandro Churakov, responsable de la página web en español.



Obramia Blogspot Com

bog_art dijo...
Estimado Prof JML..
gracias por esas palabras en mi blog y por su interés en mi trabajo.. no tengo ningún problema en que utilice alguna de mis ilustraciones en sus sites, y apreciaría mucho si pudiera adjuntar una pequeña nota al pie que me ubique como autor de la misma.. un gran saludo desde Ecuador..
19 de mayo de 2009 20:23
From: Natalia Dobryszycka
Date: 06-jun-2009 12:21
To: Prof JML <2k9twins@gmail.com>
I am very happy to hear that my pictures gained your attention. Ofcourse, you can use them.My nationality is Polish, language used on the blog - Polish. If youwrite me which photos exactly are you interested in, I can providesome more information (in English) regarding them.
Regards,Natalia Dobryszycka

The Twins - Two brothers as journalists

Eiffel Torre / 10 facts about

Bull fight in China * 10 facts about

Bulls fought round after round. They ran into each other from a long distance. The bull either got hurt or became crazy. If the bull did not became crazy, it would be scared to run away, which would be the loser. - 一轮又一轮双双投入拼杀,两头牛在很远的地方冲向对方,就这牛头,不被磕破也得磕傻!不磕傻就必定输,因为它不傻就会被吓跑,一跑就输了。 - Photo Blog Com * Discover China http://www.photoblog.com/agang/2006/01/26/

Photoblog * 10 facts about


Animal Net Org / 10 facts about


Quotations / English French Deutsch

Here you can find quotes about animals and vegetarianism in english, french, and deutsch.
Edison, Thomas A. (1847-1931) - Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.
McCartney, Paul - The medical argument for animal testing doesn't stand up. Even if it did, I don't think we should kill other species. We think we're so much better; I'm not sure we are. I tell people, "We've beaten into submission every animal on the face of the Earth, so we are the clear winners of whatever battle is going on between the species. Couldn't we be generous? I really do think it' s time to get nice. No need to keep beating up on them. I think we've got to show that we're kind. [More...]
Gandhi, Mahatma - La grandeur d'une nation et ses progrès moraux peuvent être jugés à la manière dont elle traite les animaux.
Pythagore - Tant que les hommes massacr…

Rajan, the swimming elephant / 10 facts about


Rajan is unique. He flies in the waters of the Bay of Bengal with the ease of a pelican in the air.
He may be a majestic giant on land, but in the water he seems to transform into a weightless creature specially designed to fly in the sea.
For a country that has an estimated 25,000 wild elephants and 3,500 domesticated elephants, there is always something happening with regard to the elephants. Even so, Rajan is unique. He flies in the waters of the Bay of Bengal with the ease of a pelican in the air.
As he kicks his legs backwards, he puts out his tail and pushes out his trunk, frequently lifting it out of water for a breath of fresh air.
Rajan is 57 years old, but his spirit seems to be that of a young elephant. He goes for a walk at 6 a.m. and returns to the Barefoot Resort in the evening.
Andaman and Nicobar * The Historic Indian Islands
Rajan, the swimming elephant / 10 facts about

Kangaroo / 10 facts about


Spacewalk * 10 facts about


Dialogue * 10 facts about